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Milk Clarifiers

The milk clarifiers’ centrifuges offered by Spinu-Grup are specifically designed to clean raw milk (cow, sheep, goat, etc.) and whey.

These centrifuges are specially built for dairy applications and match very high bowl speeds for the best performances in separation of solid particles with very small diameters (dirty, spores, bacteria, etc).
Standard design of these separators provides the product feeding under pressure by a soft inflow system. Then the product is accelerated to separation speed without damage being caused to any of the fat globules.
The wide working surface, the high spinning speed and the extremely fast sludge expulsion lead to maximum cleaning efficiency.
The clarified product exits under pressure, therefore no recovery pump is necessary.
The range of process capacity goes from minimum 3,000 l/h to maximum 35,000 l/h.

Operating characteristics 

  • High clarification efficiency.
  • Reduction of bacterial and spore charge.
  • Hermetic feeding of the separator.
  • Product outlet under pressure.
  • Pre-determination of the sludge quantities discharged.
  • Bowl discharge by hydrodynamic device automatically and semi-automatically controlled by Control panel.
  • Possibility of direct bowl discharge in manual way by the operator.
  • Predisposition for automatic cleaning of the separator in hermetic cycle (CIP cleaning).

Other Clarifiers

The separators for fruit juices and other beverages, offered by Spinu-Grup, are expressly studied for the product clarification and concentration from these substances (pulp, filaments, particles, etc.). Read more...

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