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Self-priming Pumps
AS - series Self-priming Pumps

The AS series pumps are similar to cutting-edge self-priming centrifugal pumps. Intended to be used in different ways, they represent a top-level product thanks to the design characteristics, materials, methods and technologies used. Modularity of the components. Built completely in AISI 316L stainless steel (ASTM CF3M-DIN 1,4404). Lost-wax casting. Chemical polishing and further mirror polishing. Quick disassembly and easy maintenance. Stainless steel levelling feet. Particularly suitable for all the applications of the food industry. The inlets are threaded for food connections according to the DIN 11851, SMS,TRICLAMP, IDF, BS,RJT standards.

Standard design
The ability to maintain a vacuum under changing suction conditions makes A Series pumps ideally suited for scavenge duties and applications where the inlet pipework is only partially filled, or where the incoming liquid includes entrained air or gas.
The construction materials and quick disassembly design make them particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications.
They must be initially filled with liquid for the first start-up; afterwards, a small liquid reservoir remains to enable rapid selfpriming to occur even if the suction pipe is emptied. 
A 21- A 31: Close-coupled pumps with the impeller directly supported by the electric motor shaft. Easy-opening front cover, 
by unscrewing three hand-nuts, allows quick inspection without disconnecting the inlet and outlet pipes.
A 41 - A 51 - A 66 - A 81: Close-coupled design with separate IEC motor and flexible coupling. Easy-opening front cover, for quick inspection without disturbing the inlet and outlet pipes.
All CF-8M 1.4408 / AISI 316 Stainless steel parts.
Investment cast, with electro-chemical polishing.
Flow rates up to 50 m3/h, heads up to max. 35 m(3,5 bar) (50 Hz).
Mechanical seals with seats to EN 12756.
ISO 3069 standards.
Single internal mechanical seal
Single external mechanical seal
Elastomers (certified to FDA):
Fluorocarbon (Viton)
P.T.F.E. (FEP)
Applications: A Series pumps are suitable for a wide range of liquids (CIP solutions, juices, milk, whey, syrups, oil, wine, water, spirits, chemical and pharmaceutical media).


Other Self-priming Pumps

The A series self-priming pumps are built enbloc. According to the capacities, the rotor can be directly supported by the motor shaft or the motor separated and the flexible coupling. Polished chemically. The quick disassembly construction makes them particularly suitable for all the applications of food industry. All the parts in contact with the product are built in AISI 316 steel. Read more...

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