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Flocculation Drums
Conveyor for ricotta or viscous product Mod. NAS01

This machine has the aim to receive ricotta flow from flocculation tank through a special conveyor with special distributor large as the conveyor in order to have a constant distribution of the ricotta on total surface of the belt.

Belt is complete of double drainage belt. The first one and upper belt is made by a special synthetic and alimentary belt with micro holes inside in order to have the drainage of the whey and so forward up to outlet area ricotta only.
The underside belt is made by  stainless steel AISI 304 suitable to convey residual whey up to beginning area of the belt where is possible to connect pump to send residual whey to other area (pump included for evacuation , made in Stainless steel AISI316).
Conveyor has an inclination in order to facilitate the drainage of the ricotta from the whey and feed constantly and automatically ricotta to homogenizer area (feeding area).
Machine is made completely in stainless steel and plastic component suitable for food industry. 
Complete of general panel of control in Stainless steel box complete of any automatism for setting.
Regulation of the belt speed has to be done by customer through motor setting (dial). This speed is adjustable constantly by customer.
Machinery is fixed on adjustable feet to adequate height and point of outlet according to customer requirement.
Complete of screw pump with adequate dimension and capacity for automatic and constant feeding of the homogenizer. Pump with coaxial hopper provided with pre-feeding scroll suitable for handling viscous products. The enbloc type pump is directly coupled with the motorization reducing to the minimum the size.
Tunnel will be arranged with automatic CIP cleaning, by means of total modulating cover of the vat with panel made of stainless steel AISI304L according machine structural characteristics; completely open able on the side of vats and complete of safety proximities assembled in the general panel of control (to stop machinery if some covers is open during working).
Covers are assembled on the vat, through a special structure made of in stainless steel AISI304L according machine structural characteristics
Pipes and sprinklers have to be connected to an external CIP plant.
Complete of support lock in stainless steel AISI304L, to stop in open position the covers.

The vat is composed of:

Frame made of AISI 304
Collection vat for exhausted whey, made of AISI 30 stainless steel
One fitting for floating type, low level probe
One fitting for drainage of exhausted whey and cleaning solutions
Drainage belt made of micro-perforated plastic material
Belt moving system by electric motor
One fitting for ricotta loading DN 100
One inspection glass DN 100 installed on the ricotta loading fitting
Collection and feed hopper to the ricotta transfer pump, made of AISI 304 stainless steel
Cover for the vat and the hopper, made of AISI 304 stainless steel
AISI 304 stainless steel connection piping and fittings, cleaning balls for the CIP cleaning of the vat, of the hopper and of the drainage belt.
Control panel

One single-screw pump for ricotta displacement

One sanitary self priming pump made of AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with easy to open lid for fast inside cleanings.

Production capacity From 3000 a 10000 lt/batch


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