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Twist-off Cappers
Automatic Linear Capper Mod. C150 with Magnetic Feeder

Automatic machine to close glass containers by means of twist off capsules.

Construction features

Basement with a supporting plate in carbon steel, structure and total covering with an inspection door in stainless steel. The basement contains the centralized motorization and the head lifting system through an electro mechanic unit that enables the machine to change the height of the head depending on the containers with an automatic safety device.

Head (supplied with an inspection door) containing: side belts for containers transmission and steadiness; capsules releasing and pre-screwing unit; steam sprigging unit: it distributes steam between capsule and container, that is near the container thread, in order to soften the gasket and take the air away from the head space of the container. In this way the free space of the container is vacuumed after being closed; closing unit designed with flat belts with different speed. Capsules releasing unit and screwing unit are adjustable independently, as regards even to the drag belts, through hand-wheels: all this can be done simply and rapidly. Centralized motorization with variable speed driver Electric control board.




Feeding hopper made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with a capacity of 4 boxes of capsules diam. 53 mm. Casing protections and hopper's cover in polycarbonate. Magnetic elevator with belt in "vipla" which sends the capsules to the slide. Secondly the capsules are sent to the releasing group where they are taken by the container. First control unit with photocell for expulsion of superimposed capsules. Second control unit with proximity-switch for expulsion of capsules placed in the wrong position.

Third control unit with proximity-switch that assures the absence of wrong capsules.

Fourth group for wrong capsules expulsion by means of a lateral air jet that allows the capsules to fall again inside the hopper. Visual indicator for lack of capsules inside the hopper by means of photocell.

"Too full" control device on the capsule feeding chute = stop the magnetic feeder.

"Too empty" control device on capsules feeding chute = stop machine. Feeding capsules = automatic machine reset. Motorization by means of variable speed driver. Equipped with chute ( max length mt. 3 ) for the connection with the capper. The machine is adjustable in all its parts and this enables to work with any kind of twist off capsules and jars.

It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel except for some parts made of material suitable to their functioning.

The machine needs no operator's intervention, after being started and from the first adjustment.


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