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Continuous Stretching Machines
Continuous stretching machine/Compact Mod. UNICA 300

Can be achieved thanks to its versatility, a variety of spherical products (mozzarella, scamorze, provole, that with or without heads, ovoline, etc), with variable weight.

UNICA 300, like all COMPACT  machine was born to summarize the 4 most important phases of the paste filate working process, like:

  • Cut the raw material
  • Stretching of the curd
  • Production of the hot water necessary to stretching 
  • Final moulding of the product

Infact the machine allows the user to facilitate the work without the use of multiple machines for every working cycle.

The machine, in addition, allows to the user, through the application of a particular insert, which will be installed to replace the moulding drum, to get braids with different diameter and length, which are to be set by the user.

The pasta filata introduced into the hopper is pushed to the inlet through the action of the auger variable speed and then finds itself in the final section of the moulding where is housed a moulding drum that turns continuously, consists of holes with different diameter and shape, depending on the production requirements.

 One the most important characteristics of this machine, is that you can mount an alternative a mould for silani, therefore using it only and exclusively for parallelepiped products. This mould (optional), is made entirely in stainless steel mounted on wheels for easy moving, and is extremely easy to position and secure it to the moulding body of the entire compact machine.

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