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Continuous Stretching Machines
Steam cooker - Stretching and Moulding machine Mod. UNICAFV25

The compact machine is built with two working sections, one of steam stretching and the other of moulding of the finished product.


The steam cooker stretching machine, was projected and realized to transform fresh or packaged curd and to obtain countless types of product: mozzarella, provola, trecce, caskaval, pizza cheese and any other kind of pasta filata.

It is composed from:

  • Body machine with double walls with augers of the stretching and mixing section
  • Upper coverage with a compartment for inserting for inserting a whole block of curd
  • Augers with independent motorization, speed regulation trough n.2 inverter
  • Programmable timer with visual and audio alarm. The timer start when has been reached, the set stretching temperature.   
  • Door of discharge to manual opening with latch handle
  • Sonde of electronic temperature interfaced with a thermoregulator and digital thermometer on the machine to immediate reading of working temperature
  • Steam injector, easily demountable for the cleaning operations
  • Footboard in stainless steel with antislip surface.

The raw material to be processed is introduced into the augers chamber manually from an upper compartment with pneumatic system. In the processing compartment, the transformation of the raw material into the stretched mixture, acquiring the right degree of fibrousnesses and the desired moisture, takes place thanks to the combined action of two counter-rotating augers of suitable dimensions and steam injectors device. Each injector could be connected to a solenoid valve (optional) that gives consent to a piston for steam inlet opening-closing. The steam injectors are assembled on the top of the processing section, to avoid any blocking or shutter of the steam outlet (due to contact with cheese mass).


Completed the stretching process, the pasta filata cheese, for fall, is directly sent to moulding section and so to the hopper of the moulding machine that compose an only body with the previous section.

Moulding machine is composed by:

  • Body machine with working vat, with heated double space where are n.2 augers;
  • Feeding hopper.

The pasta filata cheese inserted in the hopper is pushed to the charge compartment through the action of n.2 augers with adjustable speed. After, it is pushed in the final moulding section where is the moulding drum that turns continuously, made with alveolus that have diameter and shape different, according to the production requirements.   

Production capacity                     150kg/h                                                                                           


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