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Thermoforming Machines
MD Series

The MD series is an expression of ILPRA technical knowledge and experience gained over many years. Listening to customers needs ILPRA has evolved the new Form Fill Seal line with MD machines. The line is ideal for a wide range of products such as yogurt, cheese, margarine, honey, sauces butter, fruit jams and water ..etc.

The MD ILPRA Form Fill Seal machine has been engineered to run faster, whilst maintaining total precision of the formation of the product in order to meet customer’s specific  packaging needs.


The design of the machine allows easy access to all areas of the machine for ease of inspection of routine maintenance.

Advanced Technology

The MD line is designed with e-mec technology based on electro-mechanical motion of working stations by means of Brushless motors.

Guaranteed Reliability

By using the very latest electronic components it is possible to combine high performance, reduced wear and tear of moving parts over a long period of time resulting in a highly efficient thermoforming machine.


The touch screen control panel is very easy to read and use. All the machines parameters can be monitored and reset from the control panel.


The client can choose the most suitable material and trays. On request, the machine can be customized with several options to suit specific customers needs.


All the MD models incorporate the very latest E-mec technology that means to save energy, reduce noise and increase the production capacity. It grants a better compliance with the most update ecological and energy-saving standards. The acoustic emissions are reduced up to 60% together with the reduction of mechanical wearing of components. According to the market requirements this is a state of the art line.


The ILPRA MD thermoforming machine has been designed with specific and very strict hygienic standards in mind which allows the machine to perform in both wet and corrosive environment such as in the dairy and other similar industries incorporating all mechanical drives. The ILPRA HB hygienic cell which is fully sealed to prevent contamination of liquids and/ or food residues. The MD machine can also be equipped with the optional “Ultra Clean System” which results in a very hygienic and controlled packaging environment.

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Other Thermoforming Machines

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The EASYFORM model is a very compact in line thermoforming machine. Only 3 meter long, this machine features at best the principles of a new technology conceived to meet the different requirements of customers in industrial, food and medical sectors. Its features are the following Read more...

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